By Hana R. Solomon MD


For centuries, healthy-minded cultures have employed the rinsing of nasal passages to improve people’s all-around health.

Nasal cleanliness is a central factor in good health, says Dr Hana Solomon, a Missouri physician and strong advocate of nasal rinsing. The nose is the
body’s filter. It protects us from disease. It only makes sense to wash the nose, just as we wash our hands and brush our teeth. If people made nasal cleaning a routine, it would appreciably improve their health and well-being.

This is particularly good news to emergency medical and fire personnel who encounter debris and other irritants in their daily work. It is also true for factory workers, lawn keepers, painters and others exposed to irritants. Exposures to irritants actually cause the nasal mucous to become thicker, the nasal membranes to swell and the nose hairs to function less effectively as a filter.

Dr. Solomon cites how nasal rinsing with hypertonic buffered saline can soothe, moisturize and keep the nose and sinuses clean and healthy. Such cleansing with a nasal wash can be especially helpful to people suffering from allergies, asthma, and sinus problems as well as those with congestion.

Dr. Solomon has been recommending the regular use of nasal cleansing since her early days as a physician. As a practicing physician with 13 plus years of clinic experience, I have seen again and again how the regular use of nasal washing can benefit my patients in so many ways, she says.

However, according to Dr. Solomon, the benefits of nasal cleansing have generally been ignored and convenience has been one of the main factors. So, Dr. Solomon has dedicated herself to solving the problem in two important ways: One, by educating as many people as possible about the benefits of nasal washing and two, by developing a pre-packaged nasal rinse system called Dr. Hanes Nasopure. Nasopure is inexpensive, so easy that even children can use it and convenient for anyone on the go.

The Nasopure system is based on an innovative patent pending nasal rinse bottle which Dr. Solomon developed. The kit also includes 10 salt mixture packets, an instructional brochure and a convenient travel case. The salt packets, when mixed with clean warm water in the 8 ounce Nasopure bottle results in a hypertonic salt mixture.

            Abundant scientific evidence supports that nasal rinsing with hypertonic saline such as Nasopure offers these benefits:

v    Reduces nasal mucosal swelling

v    Improves nasal air flow and function

v    Thins nasal secretions for easier removal

v    Reduces the need for antihistamines, antibiotics and medicated nasal sprays

v    Enables a safe, simple daily habit, easy to tolerate and not addictive

v    Allows the nose the body’s filter to function naturally, as intended.

About 50 million people in the US suffer from sinusitis each year, but clinical studies show that saline nasal rinses can lessen such symptoms dramatically. Overuse of medications in general and antibiotics specifically with resultant bacterial resistance is a major health concern.

Other specific populations that could benefit from washing the nose by such a product as Nasopure are children, pregnant woman and folks over the age of 50 who have naturally thicker tenacious secretions.

History runs in cycles, and there is a renewed interest in nasal rinsing, a healthy practice whose time has come once more. Prevention and reduction of medication use as Dr. Solomon points out is important in an era in which cutting the cost of health care is a national imperative. The greater use of nasal rinsing can appreciable help reduce the use and money spent on medications. Such reductions will benefit us all in terms of health maintenance, saving money and can lessen dependence on medical prescriptions.

Nasopure is now available online at www.nasopure.com or by calling 573-999-0450


 By Hana R. Solomon MD

Copyright 12, 2003

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